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VSCO Cam Editing Guide

VSCO Cam Editing Guide

Learn how to master VSCO Cam’s editing features and create better photos

Fall in love with photography | Free 7 day photo challenge

Fall in Love with Photography

A free 7 day photo challenge to kickstart your photography

Photographer's toolkit | The gear I shoot with

Photographer’s Toolkit

In this guide I share the gear I shoot with, editing software I use, and more

The best camera is the one that’s with you.

Chase Jarvis


San Francisco Cityscape Views from Grizzly Peak

A new perspective from Grizzly Peak, Berkeley Grizzly Peak is a summit in the Berkeley Hills. It's located between the county borders of Alameda and Contra Costa. The peak was named after the California grizzly bear which inhabited the area until the late 1800s. These...

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Protect Your Images with Photoshop Metadata

  Have you ever worried about sharing your images on the Internet? Anytime you upload something to the web you risk the chance of your work being used (without permission!) by another. When you share information on the web it's always best practice to give credit...

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Canon Prime Lens Guide

Prime vs. zoom: How to know which to use I'm a big advocate for shooting minimally. I've shared more on shooting with minimal equipment and why you might want to. When it comes to traveling or spending the day with my camera in San Francisco, I choose to bring as...

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